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ULACITs Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, completely taught in the English language, is a specialized program aimed at preparing business leaders to create organizational value through strategic management of small and large business organizations serving domestic and global markets.

Our professionals in Business Administration will master core business functions including accounting, finance, project management, marketing, human resources, international business, information technology, logistics and organizational behavior through different learning methods such as team projects, real-world simulations and case studies.

This program offers a unique and integral perspective on business through the most recent management techniques to meet the demands of an increasingly complex world where positive leadership, data analysis, creativity and design thinking are essential for success in business.

  • Management of own or third party business ventures.
  • Senior management, deputy management or general management of private companies, public institutions or non-governmental organizations.
  • Consulting, planning, evaluation and execution of business ventures with an emphasis on innovation.
  • Consulting and advising in business management, human resource management, marketing, finance, production and operations.
  • Consulting in optimization and quality management accreditation
  • Administrative Analyst
  • Financial Analyst
  • Administrative and Financial Manager
  • Project Manager
  • International Business Operations Manager
03-0146 Freshman Seminar: Human Relations
19-0062 Principles of Marketing
08-0033 Elements of Microeconomics
18-0029 Math for Business and Economics
06-0087 Financial Accounting
24-0022 Human Resource Management
03-0147 Critical Thinking
18-1010 Calculus
06-1011 Managerial Accounting
18-0030 Probability and Statistics Foundation
08-1013 Applied Microeconomics
13-0076 Managerial Skills Development
03-0148 Political Science and Economics Elective
06-1008 Cost Accounting
13-0077 Business Law Foundation
19-1012 Marketing Management
03-0149 Social Science Elective
06-2020 Corporate Finance
06-0088 Costs and Productivity
08-0034 Elements of Macroeconomics
03-0150 Culture and Communication Elective
13-0078 Information Systems Management
18-1011 Quantitative Methods
24-0023 Organizational Behavior
12-0009 Intercultural Communication
18-1012 Advanced Probability and Statistics
13-2001 Managerial Decision Modeling
19-2003 International Marketing
19-0063 E-Commerce
01-0006 Project Management
03-0151 Business Ethics
06-1009 Financial Reporting and Analysis
13-0079 Entrepreneurship
06-1012 Investments
20-0025 International Business
20-1006 International Trade
13-0080 Innovation and Technology
06-1010 International Finance
13-0081 Quality Management
13-0082 Strategic Management
28-0102 Internship (requires Dean's approval)
34-0001 TCU

Los requisitos de graduación para el Bachelor of Science in Business Administration son:

  • Approve all subjects in the curriculum.
  • Attend to four extra-curricular activities.
  • Attend to field trip for each enrolled academic term.
  • Approve English Proficiency Test.
  • Approve three Technological Proficiency Modules (TPM), or the equivalent of 96 hours of effective instruction.
  • Complete 150 hours of University Community Work (TCU).
  • Be current in all program related financial commitments.
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