Study abroad as an international exchange student. ULACIT offers its students the possibility of living an international academic experience. All active ULACIT students, can participate as an exchange student in one of the 65 universities abroad with which it has a student exchange agreement, paying the same tuition costs that they pay at ULACIT while they take courses abroad at an international university.

How does it work?

In this program, our students can study from one semester to a complete academic year abroad, paying the same they pay in their local courses and transfer the credits of the approved international courses to their study program at ULACIT.

After you complete the courses from your study abroad experience, the credits from your approved courses are transferred to your plan of studies at ULACIT. This applies only to universities with which we have current student exchange agreements.


When to Apply?

International Academic Exchanges happen every Semester, or in ULACIT´s academic calendar terms during the 1st and 3rd Quarterly periods each year. This means students will need to apply to go abroad for either Spring Semester (February-July) or Fall Semester (August-December) and start their nomination process at least 3 months before. The start and end of academic periods for Spring or Fall may vary among universities abroad. Our Global Education Office will advise you on the best option for you, provide a detailed step-by-step process guide and assist your during the nomination process and during your semester abroad.

Admission requirements to the International Student Exchange Program:

  • Be an active ULACIT student.
  • Have completed at least 5 disciplinary courses of your study plan.
  • Have a weighted average of 80.
  • Have an up-to-date passport (with more than six months of validity at the time of the trip)
  • Verification of the above requirements and approval of the dean/director of the corresponding faculty

Since the day I contacted ULACIT to learn more about the Study Abroad programs, the attention has been very cordial and efficient. My admissions counselor, Daniel Chacón, has provided me with all the necessary information to be able to carry out the application process. admission to the program and has always been present to answer my questions and concerns.

 Submitting my application through the Magellan platform was easy as it contained all the necessary information to be able to research university options abroad and submit the application, all in one place. Overall, my experience with the exchange program has been satisfactory and I look forward to successfully completing it.”

– Ximena Viquez Tormo, Advertising student with an emphasis on Multimedia Production

Hello! My name is Kristine Heigold, a psychology student. This semester I came to study at the University of Zaragoza in Teruel. The people, the city and the food have been one of my favorite things being here. The classes are a very different and exciting experience since you see very similar things but in a unique way. Each class has a theory class and a practice class in which group work and presentations are done, my favorites are the practices. Apart from academic life, Teruel has a very nice social life since it is a fairly small city in which one gets to know many people. Apart from this Teruel is mostly made up of students who have been very special with all those who come on exchange.”

– Kristine Heigold,.studend of Psychology