COIL is an acronym for Collaborative Online International Learning, referring to a methodology that links courses from universities abroad, integrating online collaborative learning activities developed through international academic cooperation. They have as general objectives:

To include an intercultural and global dimension to the course content, through meaningful exchanges between teachers and students in different countries.

To foster experiential intercultural learning and the formation of global citizenship competencies in the classroom.

  1. Link a course with one or more courses at universities abroad
  2. They can incorporate both synchronous dynamics, where groups connect to interact in real time through different platforms, and asynchronous dynamics, where students in different countries connect or interact outside class time to work together on class projects.


ULACIT includes COIL learning experiences in selected courses with the objective of bringing together students and professors across cultures to learn, discuss and collaborate as part of their class. Professors partner to design the experience, and students partner to complete the activities designed.