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1) What characteristics do ULACIT students have that help them make the most of their studies abroad?

Students at ULACIT understand that learning takes place both inside and outside the classroom. They know that to grow as professionals and as people they need to live new experiences that allow them to learn on their own. Students who apply want to invest in their personal growth. ULACIT trains its students to be global citizens, as members of a cooperative international community. ULACIT trains its students to be fully bilingual in English and with intercultural skills, ULACIT students receive an education that meets international standards to ensure their good performance in globalized work and professional environments. The study abroad program offers a linguistic-cultural immersion experience to improve our students’ intercultural and English language skills.

2) For how long have ULACIT students had the opportunity to have this type of international experience?

All active ULACIT high school or undergraduate students can apply to be an exchange student at one of the 67 universities abroad with which we have an exchange agreement, paying the same tuition and tuition costs that they pay at ULACIT while they have courses at an international university. In this program, our students can study from one period to one academic year abroad, paying the same as they pay in their local courses and transfer the credits of the approved international courses to their study program at ULACIT. The advancement of coverage of the COVID-19 vaccine worldwide has made it possible to reactivate international exchange experiences for university students, so our partner universities abroad are once again receiving exchange students.

3) Why is it important for students to have these kinds of experiences?

The exchange experience allows participating students to acquire new skills to prosper in a globalized society, complementing their professional training with the development of intercultural and linguistic skills.

4) What is the selection process for students who have this experience?

Any active ULACIT high school or undergraduate student with an average above 80 has the opportunity to apply and participate in a study abroad experience.

5) What message do you give to students who are willing to travel?

Studying abroad offers life-changing opportunities, meet friends from all over the world, learn at the best international universities, practice a second language, learn about other cultures and live unforgettable experiences. Studying abroad allows them to discover the world and grow personally and professionally!

For more information on our Study Abroad program offering please contact our Global Education Office at: [email protected]