The Green Behind the Cloud: leading to both a greener planet and a greener balance sheet

Día: 4 ago
Hora: 4:00 p. m.


Sustainable cloud positions companies to deliver on new commitments: carbon reduction and responsible innovation. Companies have historically driven financial, security, and agility benefits through cloud, but sustainability is becoming an imperative. Migrations to the public cloud can reduce CO2 emissions by 59 million tons per year, which equates to taking 22 million cars off the road. Cloud migrations also unlock new opportunities, such as clean energy transitions enabled by cloud-based geographic analyses, material waste reductions from better data insights, and targeted medical R&D, as a result of faster analytics platforms.


Pavel Ponomarev, Principal Director, Sustainability, Accenture Strategy.

Mr. Ponomarev leads Accenture’s North America Sustainability Business. His key areas of expertise are Sustainable Technology, Green Cloud, Disruptive ESG Performance and Sustainable Innovation.

Pavel directs C-level strategic projects to unlock responsible growth and reduce costs through combination of new business models and emerging technologies. He has worked in 15+ countries across Asia, Latin America, and Europe. His industry experience spans High Tech, Energy, Health Care, Finance, Consumer Goods and Non-Profit sectors.

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