Teaching digital literacy in the language classroom: 10 Digital Tools for the Interactive Classroom

Día: 22 Feb
Hora: 4:00 p.m.

Sello Verde Event

In this webinar, Nik Peachey looks at a short collection of tools and resources that teachers and students can use in the remote and physical classroom. He shows example activities that can easily be adapted to your own classroom context. Using the tools he presents he demonstrates how, with minimal preparation, you can take any text from the internet and create a series of activities to develop students’ reading, listening, speaking, writing and vocabulary skills. We will explore together a range of digital tools and teaching techniques that teachers can use to utilize the presence of digital devices in the classroom and make them productive. The workshop will show how we can use these devices to enable digital collaboration and develop a range of traditional and digital literacies in ways that are not possible in the analogue classroom.

Speaker: Nicholas Peachey is co-funder and Director at Peachey Publications, and a Learning Technology consultant, trainer, and writer. He has been involved in education since 1990 and has worked all over the world as a language teacher, teacher trainer, technology trainer and educational technology consultant and is a two-time British Council Innovations award winner. His customers include British Council, Eton College, Open University, Google Creative Labs, and International House. He has written several books and his more recent projects have included two years as pedagogical manager for a 100% online school owned by Macmillan ELT, Head of Content development for EtonX a 100% online school owned by Eton College and content developer for an English and Interfaith Dialogue course designed for the British Council and Al-Azhar University in Cairo.

Hosted by: School of Education

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