Sello Verde: Engineering & Design in Medical Innovation

Día: 3 dic
Hora: 4:00 p. m.

Hosted by: School of Biomedical Engineering

Dr. Matthew Wettergreen is a globally recognized expert in the area of engineering design, and prototyping. In August 2021, he visited Costa Rica to lead the Engineering & Design in Medical Innovation Bootcamp. About 50 university students were challenged to develop prototypes of medical devices, which in the future could improve people’s quality of life. In this talk, Dr. Wettergreen explains the fundamentals of design applied to medical devices and discusses the progress of some of the projects developed during the bootcamp.


Matthew Wettergreen. Was appointed director of the department’s Master of Bioengineering Global Medical Innovation program in 2020. He is also an Associate Teaching Professor at the award-winning Oshman Engineering Design Kitchen at Rice University, recruited as the first faculty hire in 2013. Wettergreen has over ten years of experience teaching client-based engineering design courses, and a deep interest in engineering education, specifically curriculum that can be employed to build capacity for student development in makerspaces. Building off this interest, he has taught and mentored faculty in Brazil, Malawi, and Tanzania to launch makerspaces, and work with institutions to develop engineering design curriculum.

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