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Thank you for your interest in applying to ULACIT’s study abroad programs. Located in the capital city of San José, within a 5-minute walk to downtown, ULACIT has been the leading bilingual private university in Costa Rica since 1987, ranked as the #1 private university in Costa Rica by the QS World University Rankings for eight consecutive years.

ULACIT offers undergraduate and graduate degrees in the Schools of Engineering, Information and Communication Technologies, Film and Animation, Art and Design, Business Administration, Health Sciences, and Social Sciences.

Please visit the Academic Programs section for more information on our study abroad program options for international students and the Apply Online section to follow the 5 steps to apply to any of our Study Abroad Programs.

Our Global Education Office (GEO) is committed to providing prospective international students with the information and assistance needed to aide their admissions process to our study abroad programs, providing applicants with:

  • Personalized assistance regarding your admissions process.
  • Assistance in signing and filling out documents to validate your exchange at ULACIT.
  • Provide course descriptions and syllabi when required.
  • Providing Grade transcript after the end of the term.

Have any questions? Please contact the Global Education Office at [email protected] or call +506 2523-4041

Admissions Information

Students coming from both partner universities and from non-partner universities are eligible for admittance.

  • Exchange students coming from a partner university can take a maximum number of 5 courses as part of the tuition-waiver agreement. Any additional course has to be paid by the student.
  • International students coming from non-partner universities can enroll on fee-paying courses as long as they meet the admission requirements of the respective academic program.
  • Admissions information and  enrollment process details can be found on the Apply Online section.
  • All interested students must fill the Application Form and send it to [email protected].

International students who successfully fulfill all the admission and course requirements will be accepted in our study abroad programs. Course syllabi will be available to students and their universities during the admission process upon request.

It´s recommended that students confirm transferability of credits with their home institution before applying to our study abroad programs at ULACIT.

Please note that the transfer of credits to student’s home programs is done on an individual basis and, if required, students should request authorization from their respective home institution prior to enrolling in our study abroad programs. Students are to comply with both universities’ (home and host university) terms/policies, and visa requirements before coming to study at ULACIT.

Application to ULACITs short-term programs requires applicants to carefully read, fill out and sign the forms available in the application forms and procedures. All applicants must attach the requested documentation specified in the forms and send them all together to our academic advisors before the school deadlines.

Students coming from non-partner universities can also take advantage of this experience. All you have to do is coordinate the transfer of credits with your home school, enroll and pay for the courses of your choosing.

Before Traveling to ULACIT

Before travelling to join ULACIT please download here Student handbook and read our International Student Handbook for important information regarding:

  • Travel Documents
  • Packing for Costa Rica
  • Host Families
  • Financial Matters
  • Arriving to Costa Rica
  • First Days at ULACIT
  • Health and Safety
  • Welcome to Costa Rica

Upon Arrival

Our Global Education Office is responsible of guiding you as an international student coming to ULACIT for a summer, a semester or a year. We provide all the advising you need throughout the admission process and provide orientation on the services available on campus.

We also ensure that you are introduced to your host families before you arrive and coordinate your airport pick-up with the family you have been assigned.

As soon as you arrive in Costa Rica, you can contact our Global Education Office.

Terms and Policies

ULACIT is not liable for changes caused by war, terrorism, strikes, inclement weather, or other conditions beyond its control. Classes will not be held on national holidays. No refund will be granted in case of illness, accident or injury.

ULACIT does not accept liability for any loss of or damage to personal property at any time during a student’s stay in the country, nor to and from the foreign country.

ULACIT shall have the right to send home, without any refund, at his/her own expense, and without escort, any participant who appears to have abused drugs or alcohol, or participated in any illegal or disruptive conduct.

By submitting the application form and fee you will be acknowledging the acceptance of all the terms and conditions previously specified and any other the institution provides you with during the enrollment/application process.

Refund Policy

Our US$300 registration fee is non-refundable

50% of the total program fee is refundable if withdrawal is done 60 calendar days before program’s start date.

25% of the total program fee is refundable if withdrawal is donde 30 calendar days before program’s start date.

No refund will apply if program withdrawal is done from 29 to 1 calendar day before program’s start date.

Our programs does not include:

  • Airfare ticket to Costa Rica
  • Personal Expenses
  • International insurance for medical services
  • Costa Rican airport exit fee
  • Student visa fees

For more information, please contact the Global Education Office at [email protected] or call +506 2523 4041

Immigration Status

ULACIT’s Registrar’s Office requires all foreign students to be up to date with their immigration status.

Students seeking a long-term stay should apply to a student visa or a permanent residence permit. ULACIT provides fee-paying Visa Processing Services through expert immigration attorneys. Please contact our Global Education Office to request these services.

Students coming to Costa Rica for only one or two academic periods can use the tourist visa given by migration authorities when entering the country. Tourist visas expire every 90 days.  In order to renew their migratory tourist status, students would need to leave the country for 48 hours and return before their tourist visa expires to continue with their study-abroad program. To enable tourist visa renewal, as well as an unforgettable beach trip, the Global Education Office organizes a fee-paying recreational tour to Bocas del Toro, Panama every 85 days. Nevertheless, it is everyone’s individual responsibility with national migratory policies.

Relevant immigration information is detailed in the following documents.  Please read and submit the required information: