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Global Education Services at ULACIT

ULACIT has been providing culturally immersive, quality academic experiences to students from around the world in Costa Rica; we attract international students from 26 different countries and maintain cooperation agreements and student exchange agreements with over 60 universities worldwide.

Our Global Education Office (GEO) offers international students the opportunity to enroll in ULACIT’s regular degree courses. Students can choose between three and five subjects per academic period, each course consisting of forty-five contact hours. At the end of the program, students will receive an accredited transcript of grades.

GEO also provides year-round Spanish Immersion Courses, a 3-week or 5-week Summer Program in both international business and sustainable development studies, as well as
customized academic programs and global education experiences that cater to the specific needs of institutions, third party-providers, faculty-led initiatives or specific student groups.

Join the Study Abroad Academic Programs in Costa Rica´s best rated private university. ULACIT´s high quality academic programs will help you acquire a unique analytical perspective on global development and improve intercultural competences.

Study in Costa Rica to cover more credits within a year of studies on a 100% Project-based Education

We work annually with three quarterly academic periods (Spring, Summer and Fall), which have a 15-week duration each, with two-week vacations between them. By enrolling in ULACIT, you
can cover more credits within a year. Each course covers 45 contact hours per season (1 lesson each week for 15 weeks), representing 3US credits or 6 ECTS credits per course.

All our teaching strategies are project-based, with no traditional exams. Learning´s grounded on inquiry, research, case studies, problem-solving and service-learning experiences, under the Teaching for Understanding (TfU) framework, developed by Harvard University’s Project Zero.

Choose from our Study in Costa Rica Academic Programs:

  • Spring, Summer and Fall Academic Periods: join our undergraduate student community and enroll in Academic Courses taught 100% in English from our International Relations, Business Management and Liberal Arts and Humanities Undergraduate Programs.
  • 5-week Summer Program Seasons: choose between the International Business Management Summer Program or the Sustainable Development Studies Summer Program.
  • Year-Round Spanish Language Immersion Program

Download the brochure for our Study in Costa Rica program description and course listing here.

Regular Degree Courses in English: Spring, Summer & Fall Academic Periods

Study though out the year with us on our regular undergraduate and graduate programs. Enroll in any of our academic periods; Spring semester starting early January, Summer Semester starting early May and Fall Semester starting early September.

Students can join our local student community and take up to 5 academic courses (3US credits or 6 ECTS credits each) per academic period as well as Spanish Immersion Courses for all levels.

All courses form the International Relations, Business Management and Liberal Arts and Humanities academic programs are taught 100% in the English language.

Summer Programs

Spend summer with your classmates in Costa Rica learning in its best-ranked private university and experiencing some of the world’s most beautiful beaches and natural sites.

Join our 5-week Summer Programs aimed at university student groups. We offer two summer programs, designed as an integral and dynamic experience combining academic lessons with one-day academic field trips and extensive tours to Costa Rica’s amazing natural sites.

Choose between:

  • International Business & Management Summer Program
  • Sustainable Development Studies Summer Program

Each summer program spans two seasons, to be taken individually or in succession:

  • Summer 1: from May 24th to June 26th
  • Summer 2: from July 5th to August 7th

Each season students can choose to take one or two Specialized Academic Courses relevant to each of the program’s academic emphasis. Each course covers 45 contact hours per season, representing 3US credits or 6 ECTS credits. For each season, students can cover up to 6US credits or 12 ECTS credits.

Students will concentrate their lessons three days each week in order to tour and travel experiencing Costa Rica the rest of the week; you will be surprised to find amazing volcanoes, beaches and rain forests as close as a two-hour drive.

Spanish Language Immersion Program

The intensive Spanish Language Immersion Program allows students of all language levels to improve their Spanish language proficiency in a short time frame. Your language courses will focus on oral comprehension and expression, listening comprehension, and grammar components appropriate to your language level.

You will be able take up to two consecutive 4-week Spanish Immersion Level Courses per Academic Period. Students can enroll in one or two consecutive Spanish level courses per academic period.

Each 4-week Spanish Immersion Program course covers 60-contact hours and 4US credits or 8ECTS during. In the Summer, if you choose to enroll in consecutive sessions, you may earn a total of 8-12 US credits or 16-24 ECTS (120-180 contact hours).

The Spanish Immersion Program consists of seven levels of language proficiency. Our Spanish Professors will administer a language placement test. According to their students will be recommended enrollment in any of our entry level courses:

  • Introductory Spanish
  • Basic Spanish
  • Low-Beginning Spanish
  • High-Beginning Spanish
  • Low-Intermediate Spanish
  • High-Intermediate Spanish
  • Advanced Spanish

By taking Spanish classes every day and immersing yourself in the Costa Rican lifestyle by living with a local host family, you will find that ULACIT is the perfect place to practice and improve your language skills.

With our Spanish language courses, you will receive:

  • An intensive, yet fully balanced language and cultural experience
  • Interactive classes with other students from around the world!
  • Tandem language exchange sessions with Costa Rican students
  • Experienced local instructors specialized in Spanish as a Second Language
  • Cultural immersion activities on campus
  • Fully-equipped classrooms and computer labs
  • Didactic materials to support your learning experience
  • Continuous academic assistance and counseling

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