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Gay, bisexual or transsexual? In ULACIT, it doesn’t make a difference!


Katharina Jantzen
International Student

The university supports sexual diversity and relationships between students of the same sex

Are you afraid to show your love and affection with your partner only because he/she has the same sex? In ULACIT there is no shame in this matter, since May 17th 2012 it is a university which officially supports sexual diversity.

This means that public affectionateness like kisses and hugs between couples of the same sex on campus or in the park are permitted. Moreover, the “Declaration of spaces without discrimination” of the university determines that the expression and normal couple behavior nor the sexual orientation of people shall be subject of mobbing.

Although these dispositions seem widely accepted, until today ULACIT is the only private university in Costa Rica which dared to take this brave step. Other centers have not dared to step up as this subject is still taboo in the Costarican society. Nevertheless, ULACIT strongly believes that the te542363_466679180014224_378402166_naching environment and the school’s conduct need to be in line with the human rights and that diversity is as important as the technical abilities and academic resources provided. In this school conduct, they include also the administrative personnel, which also has to apply and feel as part of these norms respecting the human rights.

“Through our education we can free the mindset and create places of unconditional inclusion”, says Alonso Arrieta from the Diversity Club at ULACIT and this is exactly what we plan to do, says the director of the university Silvia Castro who fully supports and promotes the initiative.

As part of the movement, the institution updated existent clauses in the Code of Conduct concerning rules about general discrimination and added the points of gender differences and sexual orientation. Through this change the school can action the same procedures and consequences as for any other type of discrimination.

The unions join the movement

ULACIT’s diversity reinforcement also settles the dispute of the unions between people of the same sex, as they are in agreement with the school’s politics respecting the human rights. In the meantime the Diversity Club has been working on the establishment of more spaces free of discrimination and on educating the student body about sexual diversity. Therefore, they have developed forums, have talked with professionals about the topic and participated in this year’s Gay Pride Parade, for which they were part of the company support team.

For this upcoming quarter, the Club plans to educate the administrative personnel how to integrate the new concept in their work within a discrimination-free space and to promote full integration.  As this part of the university staff is the first source of information and contact for new and prospective students, it is important that they fully adapt the new concept.

On the other side, the university has initiated strategic cooperation with local companies, which are looking to provide fully integrated work spaces, with the goal to promote this type of political development as a good process for other companies as well.

In reality, more than 60% of the student body at ULACIT is aware of the new school politics and the initiative to create a discrimination-free

Now is the time to make a difference!

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