Student Organizations

ULACIT offers students from all majors, interests and nationalities the opportunity to join to one of its 8 student organizations in order to promote student leadership, creativity and global understanding as they interact with and learn from other students.

ULACIT Student Clubs organize different cultural, artistic, recreational, social and informational activities where both local and visiting international students develop a general awareness of the reality of the country and the world. The international students are welcome to participate in any of the ''Sellos Verdes'' series, which are conferences or workshops often organized by the Student Clubs.

The following list offers a wide range of Student Clubs ULACIT holds:


The club aims to develop greater environmental awareness and promote environmental conservation practices both within and outside the university. They organize various campaigns, educational workshops and field work activities to promote national debate on issues such as environmental policy, ecosystems, energy conservation, population, food production, biodiversity and endangered species, urban development, toxic agents, mining, conservation of marine systems, pollution, climate change and waste management. Its members publish articles of environmental interest regularly in the university newspaper. Previous relevant experience in environmental projects is preferable.

It encourages social inclusion, and the fulfillment of the civic duty of solidarity through strategic volunteering actions, aimed at groups and sectors of the population in conditions of poverty and exclusion. It is also interested in informing public opinion about issues of social interest through the university newspaper. Having previous experience in volunteering is preferable if you are considering joining.

Its purpose is to provide the university community with opportunities for playing sports and participating in recreational activities promoting physical and mental health, as well as interpersonal relationships. It is interested in organizing tournaments, competitions, gatherings and rides, and communicating through the university newspaper articles of sport and recreational interest. Having previous experience in sports teams is preferable if you are considering joining.  

Its aim is to strengthen the communicative and argumentative skills of the students through the publication of a monthly student newspaper, in order to disclose, among the university community, the main news of the university, articles of opinion of students, professors, and administrative staff, as well as information from advertisers. English and Spanish articles are published, so preference is given to bilingual students. There is also a preference for students with some experience in graphic design and photography. 

The club promotes the development of the different visual art manifestations such as dancing, singing, drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture, photography, design, and other areas with the purpose of promoting the artistic sensitivity and the development of expression skills of students. It organizes exhibitions, visits to museums and galleries, workshops, and contests with the aim of promoting the aesthetic sensitivity among university youth. They also share their works and opinions in the university newspaper.

This club offers a space to reflect on issues related to sexual diversity in the country and in the world, in order to build an atmosphere of tolerance and inclusion without discrimination. It organizes lectures, workshops, political and social activities, always under the principles of respect and appreciation of diversity. The university community members of all sexual orientations are welcome. 

It contributes to the abilities development and interests in the fields of the science, technology and innovation.

It creates spaces to analyze topics of public interest from different ideological positions. Students improve their skills of logical thinking and rhetorical communication, and participate actively in topics of national interest.