Student Services

ULACIT makes its top-of-the-line facilities available to all international students, including access to fully-equipped computer labs with access to the Internet, use of high-tech multimedia equipment, cafeteria and student lounge areas, library, dental clinic, printing and copying center, our new student health center and in-campus wireless connection.

 For academic success, our university also offers:

Additionally, our international students receive personalized academic assistance and counseling through the Global Education Office (GEO); International student advisors at the Global Education Office (GEO) are always on-call to assist and advise students with every aspect of their study abroad experience.  They can accommodate students with special needs or interests, make recommendations for independent travel service providers, and also suggest sites of interest in and out the San Jose area. Along with the continuous assistance we offer, international students also receive: 

Totally for free

Specific Rates


For more information please contact the Global Education Office at