Health & Safety

The safety of our visiting students is of utmost importance to ULACIT. Our Department of Security works diligently to maintain safe and secure facilities which covers measures in three larger areas:

 Occupational health

 Operational safety

 Attending to emergencies

Occupational Health

Our occupational health plan aims to develop prevention programs, as a key element in improving the health and safety of all members of the university community.

We work to fulfill the mission that has been established:

ULACIT strives to provide the best environmental conditions for students, faculty, alumni and staff in their university work.  We want to be recognized as a private university in Latin America that reflects the most successful, best practice in occupational health, emergency planning and waste management, with a philosophy of environmental conservation. Our students and alumni must exert their leadership with responsibility and global awareness with the aim of creating a better world for all.

ULACIT has a Commission on Occupational Health and Emergency Brigade in accordance with the Regulations of the Occupational Health Committees. These groups consist of staff, students, teachers and general practitioners, trained in first aid, fire fighting and evacuation procedures, for which drills are held permanently.

Operational Safety

ULACIT employs a professional team of highly trained security officers in preventive programs, handling and use of nonlethal force devices, first aid, fire fighting, self defense, arrest techniques and custody.

The main services offered by the team of officers are ULACIT´s Lost & Found Program, which aims to make sure that lost items are returned to their rightful owner.

Security officers are located within the campus and surrounding parking lots, in order to prevent vandalism against students. During school hours, there is a travel team of officers, who are trained to react to and prevent theft and any abnormal situation which may arise.

Institutional procedures regarding safety are governed by the Security Procedures Manual, which includes protocols for each job. In the common areas of the institution, ULACIT has electronic security systems, which can prevent or identify risk situations for the student population.

Safety Precautions for International Students: 

  Walk in groups when you are on the trips.

  Don't carry more than $ 20.00 in colones currency while you’re downtown.

  Use a secure bag or pocket to place your money and personal belongings.

  Do not leave any of your belongings unattended at any given moment, anywhere.

  Make a copy of your passport and entry stamp for identification and carry it with you at all times.

  Carry only photocopies of your I.D´s, unless you are going to make a bank transaction.

  Do not wear expensive necklaces, rings, bracelets, purses, belts or any object of high value. We urge you to leave these items at home.

  Always take a taxi when it is too late, too dark or you are alone. 

  Get company before going to unknown places.

  Get advice from ULACIT staff, guides or your host families before going anywhere.

 Memorize your address and telephone number very well in Spanish and carry it written on paper.  

Emergency Attention

The University has an administrative organization that will act in case of emergency. The Command Center and the brigades have duties and responsibilities with regard to risk prevention and emergencies. In case of major accidents, there is an operative evacuation plan that will allow in a controlled manner to make use of exit routes with the least possible risk.

ULACIT is affiliated to the service of Emergencias Médicas, for the attention of any member of the university community. In case of emergency call 2296-5555.

For further information about the Security Department, please contact Juan Montero, Director of Security, or call 2523-4064.

Emergencies Info for International Students

The staff at the Global Education Office (GEO) is at your service in case of any emergency.  Clínica Bíblica and Hospital La Católica are the hospitals we recommend in case of an emergency while in San José (they accept most international health insurance.) If an emergency occurs during office hours, please call ULACIT Global Education Office at 2523-4041. If the emergency occurs at night or on weekends, ask your host families for help and call 911, the emergency hotline in Costa Rica, immediately.

Student Health Center

Medical attention services are provided by professionals from the Hospital Clínica Bíblica at the ULACIT Student Health Center.

Through the agreement between ULACIT and the Hospital Clinica Bíblica, health fairs are also organized, where the following services are offered: vaccination services; hypertension and diabetes detection exams; eye exams; weight, body mass, and height measurements; and others. There is advice offered on reproductive health, nutrition, exercise, and healthy living practices. The health conferences are completely free, and are offered twice per school term. All students must enroll, as a graduation requirement, in at least one conference on Integral Health. 

Health Insurance 

International students are responsible for their own insurance with international coverage and must present proof of their insurance to the Global Education Office prior to their arrival.

For more information, please contact the Global Education Office at or call +506 2523 4095.