Study Abroad: Spanish and English Courses

Your Semester Abroad: English and Spanish Offer

ULACIT offers international students the opportunity to take courses with Costa Rican students in 16 undergraduate and 15 graduate programs in English or Spanish. Foreign students do not need to belong to a partner university to do a semester or two at our university; just contact our Global Education Office for information about our admission process, terms, rates and fees.

For Spanish-taught courses students need to have a high-intermediate (B2) or advance (C1) level of Spanish proficiency (depending on the course selected) as determined by CEFL proficiency standards.

For a complete list of our programs in Spanish please visit:

International students interested in our regular offer in English can check our list below:

General Education (english taught) Language Credits
Freshman Seminar (Human Relationships) English 3
Argumentarion and Rhetoric English 3
Moral Reasoning and Ethical Decision-Making English 3
Expressions of the Human Spirit English 3
Costa Rica & World Affairs English 3
Globalization, Environment and Human Development English 3
International Relations (english taught) Language Credits
International Relations Theory English 4
Theory of the State English 3
Comparative Political Systems English 4
Peaceful Conflict Negotiation and Resolution  English 3
International Public Law English 3
General Economics English 3
The Costa Rican Political System English 4
Human Rights English 3
Western Civilization English 3
Costa Rican Foreign Policy  English 4
International Organizations English 4
Diplomatic and Consular Law English 4
Latin American Literature and Society  English 3
Peace and War in International Relations English 4
International Business English 3
Contemporary Latin American History English 3
Environmental, Sustainability and Development in Latin American  English 3
Management of Non- Profit Organizations English 4
International Political Economy English 3
Intercultural Communication and Protocol English 3
Free Trade, Agreements in Latin America and the Carribean  English 4
Latin American Cultural Identity  English 3
Poverty, Economics and Development in Latin American  English 4
International and Latin American Economics English 3
Business Administration  (english taught) Language Credits
Principles of Marketing English 3
Elements of Microeconomics English 3
Financial Accounting English 3
Managerial Accounting English 3
Applied Microeconomics English 3
Managerial Skills Development English 4
Marketing Management English 3
Corporate Finance English 4
Information Systems Management English 3
E-Commerce English 3
International Marketing English 3
Innovation and Technology English 3
General Education (Spanish taught) Language Credits
Multimedia y la Internet (Internet and  Multimedia) Spanish 3
Redacción y estilo en Español (Spanish Writing and Style) Spanish 3
Métodos de Investigación Cuantitativa en Ciencias Sociales  (Quantitative Research Methods in Social Sciences) Spanish 3
Business Administration (Spanish taught) Language Credits
Economía General  Spanish  
Negocios Internacionales  Spanish  
Comunicación intercultural y protocolo  Spanish  
Economía Internacional  Spanish 3
Spanish Immersion Program Language Credits
Introductory Español 4
Low Beginning A1 Español 4
High Beginning A2 Español 4
Low Intermediate B1 Español 4
High Intermediate B2 Español 4
Advanced  Español 4
In order to be placed in a Spanish level a written and oral examination will be made previouse to enrollment. 


For more information please contact the Global Education Office at