Bilingual Business Administration Program

ULACIT offers its regular business courses in the Bilingual Business Bachelors program to international students. 

The Bilingual Bachelors program is the only interdisciplinary bilingual program in business administration in the country. The program aims to give equal weight to all major areas of business administration (economics, finance, administration and marketing) in an international context and, therefore, give students a solid foundation of knowledge that is applicable to small and large organizations, serving both domestic and global markets. 

The Bilingual Bachelor of Business Administration is a flexible curriculum, suitable for learning practical skills and expertise, and training skilled professionals for a variety of career options in the area of business, including national and international companies, multinational corporations and international non-governmental organizations. It is based on a curriculum designed to prepare students for an increasingly interconnected world and technology, where the skills, knowledge and perspectives are essential for success. 

International students can take business courses that are regularly taught in English, along with Costa Rican students. These courses are based upon availability each semester. Students must confirm course availability for their visiting term of study.


For more information, please contact the Global Education Office at or call +506 2523 4095.