The city of San Jose has an extensive public bus system that allows students to travel at very low costs.  Bus fees in the city range between ¢185 (USD $0.37) and ¢450 (USD $0.91) each way. Most terminals for out-of San José traveling are located downtown, but several bus stops are located along any well-traveled road in the country. The bus rides are paid in cash at the time of use; the system does not offer monthly tickets or student bus tickets. Only senior citizens can receive special discount tickets. Taxis are also very affordable, and rates can range from ¢2,000 ($4USD) to ¢3,500 ($7USD) each way.

Due to ULACIT's central location there are a large number of access routes from different cantons and districts throughout San Jose and Heredia. Among the bus routes that pass through the ULACIT campus area are:

Leaving from San José:

 ▪ Ipís de Coronado (in front of the Radiográfica Costarricense)

 ▪ Calle Blancos (100 m East from the Radiográfica Costarricense)

 ▪ Dulce Nombre de Coronado (in front of the Uribe y Pagés Building)

 ▪ San Miguel de Santo Domingo (from the Central Post-Office, 100 m North)

 ▪ San Isidro de Heredia (from the Central Post-Office, 200 m North)

 ▪ Romilios (in front of the Uribe y Pagés Building)

 ▪ San Antonio de Coronado (in front of the Uribe y Pagés Building)

 ▪ Periférica L-2 (you can take the bus in Sabana, San José, Hatillo or San Sebastián)

These routes leave the student in the bus stop located on the east side of ULACIT:

▪ Heredia - San José

▪ Heredia - Santo Domingo de Heredia

▪ Tibás passing by the Playwood

▪ León 13 through San José

▪ Tibás - Colima

These routes leave the student in front of the bus terminal to the Atlantic (Caribeños):

University staff and host families will provide assistance to visiting students in order to identify the best routes for traveling between home and the university.

Taxi Service

Should you decide to hire a taxi service, the address you provide to get to the University is: from the newspaper La República in Barrio Tournón, 150 south, although most all taxi drivers will be familiar with our university's location.

Local taxi services contact information are as follows:

 ▪  Coopetico:         2224-7979

 ▪  Coopetaxi:         2235-9966

 ▪  Taxis Alfaro:      2221-8466

 ▪  Coopeguaria:     2226-1366

 ▪  Taxis San Jorge: 2221-3434

 ▪  Taxi Aeropuerto: 2222-6865

Urban Train

The trains that stop nearest ULACIT are in the Atlantic Train Station and in Cuatro Reinas de Tibás, around 30 minutes away from campus.