Service Learning Programs

Service Learning combines classroom learning and community serving processes in a whole articulated project. You are given the opportunity to raise social and environmental awareness, and receive real-life training by working on genuine needs of the social context with the aim of improving it. This teaching-learning method educates people in lifelong civic awareness, civic engagement, reflective thinking and interpersonal skills like leadership, teamwork, communication, and negotiation skills.

Besides helping out at local organizations, you attend group sessions at La Marta Wildlife Reserve, ULACIT's research center. You will be able to analyze the experience, integrate the concepts and theories studied in context, and reflect critically on those elements, the overall situation and possible solutions.

You will be working on different tasks at the organizations selected for several hours a week; you will also be able to see firsthand the processes by which you respond (or not) to community needs, identify both the strengths and weaknesses of the programs they have and relate them to the theoretical contents of the course. One of the main goals is to gain insight as a critical perspective is acquired through reflection and understanding. 

Because you will be in direct contact with members of the local community it is important to highlight that you must have at least a functional level of Spanish (A2). ULACIT will offer a session on Costa Rican Survival Spanish and will also provide you with information on opportunities to interact with other ULACIT students. 

Our Service Learning Programs

You have the opportunity to use critical thinking, problem-solving and collaborative skills to address real-world issues. You will improve character values and responsible behavior, as you learn about cultural diversity and show more tolerance of ethnical diversity. 

For more information, please contact the Global Education Office at or call (506) 2523-4041.