International Business and Latin American Studies Program

Our International Business and Latin American Studies Program is designed for you to acquire the business skills that will allow you to operate efficiently in diverse cultural environments and enhance your cultural competency. You will learn about universal business concepts while developing an understanding of Costa Rica and Latin America’s management culture. You may opt to take elective courses in other areas such as Latin American culture, International Relations, Politics, Economics, Social Sciences, Humanities and Spanish language. All our courses –except for the Spanish language classes—are taught in English and you will be able to take classes with both Costa Rican students as well as with other international students from around the world! Classroom learning in selected courses is complemented by active learning experiences in the local business community, where you will visit local companies and meet key business leaders in Costa Rica.

This program is the only interdisciplinary program focusing in business administration fully taught in English in Costa Rica. The program aims to give equal weight to all major areas of business administration (Economics, Finance, Administration and Marketing) in an international context with a focus on Latin America and, therefore, give you a solid foundation of knowledge that is applicable to small and large organizations, serving both domestic and global markets. 

Our International Business and Latin American Studies Program in English is a flexible curriculum, suitable for learning practical skills and expertise, and training skilled professionals for a variety of career options in the area of business, including national and international companies, multinational corporations and international non-governmental organizations. It is based on a curriculum designed to prepare you for an increasingly interconnected world and technology, where the skills, knowledge and perspectives are essential for success. 

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