Academic Policies

Credit Transfer

An official certificate of study and a transcript is always awarded at the completion of your program. International students who successfully fulfill course requirements will receive college credit. Please note that the transfer of credits to programs hosted in the United States is sought on an individual basis and, if required, students should request authorization from their respective institutions prior to enrolling in our programs. 

Please take into account that ULACIT's transcripts are send to your home university directly. Please allow a maximum of 90 days after your program end date for your home school to receive ULACIT's official transcripts. 

Academic Dishonesty

ULACIT promotes the highest ideals and most rigorous standards for academic pursuit, as well as individual learning achievement.  This is why students of this institution are expected to conduct themselves honorably inside and outside of the classroom, and strictly avoid any misconduct such as fraud or plagiarism.

Committing fraud includes: obtaining information of previously applied examinations from other students; allowing someone else to copy from another exam or work; making up information; forging bibliography; using written copying aids or unauthorized references; using designs or projects drafted by other people; or obtaining unauthorized assistance in graded assignments or having someone else do the work for you (including having someone take a test or any other academic activity for you). 

Plagiarism includes literally copying phrases, sentences, paragraphs or entire pieces of text extracted, whether from written material, internet and other sources, without quoting the author properly; paraphrasing without quoting the source; or using a piece of work or a project for two or more assignments.  Students must refer to the "Régimen de Reglamento Estudiantil" to understand the grave consequences that ensue from acting dishonestly.

All sources must be cited using the American Psychological Association Style. 

Language Placement Evaluation

Students are placed in one of six Spanish language courses according to their results on a language placement test that is completed on the first day of class.

Attendance Policy

Attendance is mandatory to all sessions and classes will begin punctually.  If students arrive more than 15 minutes after the start of a class session, it is counted towards one absence.  Two tardy arrivals over 10 minutes are equivalent to one absence.  With three unjustified absences the student automatically fails the course.  Every absence must be formally justified with the professor.


For more information, please contact the Global Education Office at or call (506) 2523-4041