Welcome to the Global Education Office (GEO)

At the Global Education Office (GEO), we are a team of professionals who are passionate about International Education and multicultural learning. Our study abroad programs encompass a broad list of elective courses in an array of disciplines, international certifications, Spanish language learning courses, community outreach, internships, and service learning programs. As an international student, you can choose from complementing your major with courses taken at ULACIT and obtain an international certification to experiencing the Costa Rican culture and language more deeply by enrolling in our service learning, internship or community work programs.

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Along with the academic experience, GEO also offers you a broad range of services, including homestays, a culturally-enriched welcome and orientation sessions -including pre-departure orientation-- student clubs, computer labs and classrooms with specialized software and equipment. You can also take a break at our cafeteria, study at the library or use our individual and group study rooms and recreational areas all over campus.

Additionally, GEO advisors provide constant assistance on each aspect of your study abroad experience and facilitate different traveling options in Costa Rica and internationally to neighbour countries like Panama.

The Right Program for You!

  • International Business and Latin American Studies: This program is designed for you to acquire the business skills that will allow you to operate efficiently in diverse cultural environments and enhance your cultural competency. You will learn about universal business concepts while developing an understanding of Costa Rica and Latin America’s management culture. You may opt to take elective courses in other areas such as Latin American culture, International Relations, Politics, Economics, Social Sciences, Humanities and Spanish language. All our courses –except for the Spanish language classes—are taught in English and you will be able to take classes with both Costa Rican students as well as with other international students from around the world! Classroom learning in selected courses is complemented by active learning experiences in the local business community, where you will visit local companies and meet key business leaders in Costa Rica.
  • Spanish Language Immersion Program: Improve your Spanish language skills or become fluent in Spanish! Our intensive Spanish Language Immersion Program allows students of all language levels to improve their Spanish language proficiency in a short time frame. Your language courses will focus on oral comprehension and expression, listening comprehension, and grammar components appropriate to your language level. By taking Spanish classes every day and immersing yourself in the Costa Rican lifestyle by living with a local host family, you will find that ULACIT is the perfect place to practice and improve your language skills. The Spanish program runs on a rolling basis throughout the year, but with more courses available in January, June, July, August and September.
  • International Internship Program. This program allows you to have a global work experience as one of the very best things to prospect your career! You will be challenged to adapt both personally and professionally to multicultural environments, one of the most wanted soft skills nowadays. As an intern, you take part in company projects within small and medium enterprises in Costa Rica. The program runs on a rolling basis throughout the year. Select two program options: 4 Weeks and 8 Weeks.
  • Sustainable Development Studies in Costa Rica Program. Come to Costa Rica during the Summer and learn about environmental and sustainability issues in a country that's renowned for its incredible biodiversity. Each of our courses include a mandatory weekend field trip. Field trips are a fundamental part of learning about the complexity of environmental problems, including the social and ecological dynamics that shape diverse places and efforts to reduce the impacts of humans. During these field trips, you will be able to do additional class work at some of the most important protected areas or research stations in Costa Rica, including, ULACIT’s La Marta, an amazing protected wildlife reserve of 2300 acres in the Cartago province. Along with sustainability courses, you may choose to take a Spanish class and improve your language fluency while discovering local culture! Late May-June and July-early August sessions available. 

For additional information, please download our International Programs Brochure and course catalogs below:

For more information, please contact the Global Education Office at studyincostarica@ulacit.ac.cr or call (506) 2523-4041.