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This course will cover the different areas of calculus (functions, limits, derivates, and integrals), solution rules and their applications. Calculus will provide the student with useful mathematical problem solution rules and techniques for all science areas. It will improve your knowledge on mathematical functions, graphs with their behavior tending to infinity, function limits, derivates and integral calculation as well as their applications.


Laura Bravo holds an MBA degree with emphasis on Entrepreneurship from Clemson University, a BBA degree with a major on Management Information Systems from the University of Georgia.  She is a member of the business honor society, Beta Gamma Sigma.  Mrs. Bravo has over 14 years of experience on several companies such as Nike, Inc., Michelin, Carlsberg Group, Hi-C and Battery energy drink.  Mrs. Bravo is currently developing her entrepreneur project on the beverage industry, as well as pursuing her DBA degree from the University of Phoenix.


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