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Applied microeconomics

Applied Microeconomics is a course of practical application that tries to offer the student the tools for application of the microeconomics, which is developed in the fixation of prices and allocation of resources. In the study of this subject it is required the understanding and analysis of variables such as: costs, productivity, elasticity, demand, supply, competition and profits. Among other skills and abilities, the student will be able to analyze structures of costs to make decisions of production, to define policies of prices, to determine amount of profit or loss in a company, to project costs and sales of the company, to evaluate the tax burden on consumers and producers, to discriminate prices in the markets as a way to maximize profits, and to define optimal combinations of factors. The main topics to treat are: Optimization, Demand theory, behavior of the consumer, production and costs in the short and long run, analysis of costs, market structures of perfect competition and monopoly, Game theory as well as Risk Analysis


08-0004 Elements of microeconomics


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